Football Training Camps

We design and organize your football team’s training camps covering all the necessary aspects. Turkey's
climate is suitable for both summer and winter training camps. We offer you the most suitable places and
the most modern facilities.



Today, volunteerism is a big part of any events. Our volunteers are ready to join your event. An
experienced team leader of our team will always be with you on the field together. Let's run your event
smoothly thanks to our volunteers' help.

Corporate Sports Events

As a group of a sports enthusiast, we love to design and implement sports events for private companies.
Don’t forget, team-building through sports is always a great idea.

Run the City

Runners love to travel, we know it. If you are a runner who visits Istanbul and doesn’t want to lose your
running condition, don’t worry, we are here to find you a suitable running group that you can join in. If you
are a group of runners who visit Istanbul, even better, our pacers will be more than happy to design you
a “city run”.


Our services include race timing too. We can design your course, prepare it for the race, and give you
the results of every runner just after the finish line.


Sports Hospitality

If you are planning to participate in a sports activity in Turkey let us take care of all the rest. Our
hospitality services include accommodation, airport/in-city transfers, city tours, and all the other services
that you can think of.


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